Thursday, March 8, 2012

Your Memories Preserved | Wedding Albums

Do you remember where you were when the Blackout of 2003 hit? I do! I was on my way to Tim Hortons and I can remember clearly being in my car wondering why the world seemed to be thrown into sudden chaos. I know, I know, kind of a funny way to start a blog post about wedding albums but I want to get you thinking about something very important... In our digital age, everything is about the temporary moment. I want my coffee I get a Keurig. I want to see my family now who live 10,000 miles away so I Skype. I want to tell my hubby something so I text. There are definitely some great (and convenient) aspects to living in the crazy digital age of 2012. But on the flip side, is there a bigger loss happening that will impact generations to come?

One lasting memory I have from the Blackouts of 2003 was that it actually forced me into opportunities to build real, tangible relationships. With refrigerators and freezers of melting food, entire neighbourhood blocks took to mass "cookouts" and began to hang out with each other on the streets until the sun set. Families spent time together...without a TV or computer screen in front of their noses. People began to talk face-to-face. How cool is that!?!

So, what does this all have to do with Wedding Albums? Everything. One of the biggest, and in my opinion, saddest areas that the digital age has started to swallow when it comes to weddings is how the images from that special day are being kept long after the wedding dress has been put away and the cake eaten. In place of hand-crafted, archival quality Wedding Albums, many are turning to the quick fix of a CD/DVD of images.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having digital files for sharing your special day with friends and family on Facebook. In fact, we promote this by putting up "sneak peeks" after we complete a wedding and by providing a CD/DVD of images to every bride and groom who invest into a wedding album with us. For other couples, having those digital files is so important to them that they include it right into their wedding package. One thing that we greatly encourage each couple to do however, is not to just end with a CD/DVD of their images but to produce something that they can truly treasure and personally hand down to the next generation. Those memories from the wedding day are a precious treasure that future generations deserve to see and hold in their hearts...and hands. Make sure that you have preserved them in such a way so that nothing...not even an unpredictable blackout can take them away ☺

 Below are some of the beautiful spreads from this Wedding Album

New to our Album line-up for 2012 is the beautiful and unique PanoVista by VisonArt.  This stunning album opens to a full 16x20 and is an absolute delight each time you experience opening it's deliciously yummy pages: 

Here is a bit of the "Behind the Scenes" with our friends over at VisionArt!  Because we are looking for only the best quality when it comes to the wedding albums that we provide, we are very careful to team up with professional producers who share in the same high standards as we do.  VisionArt knocks it out of the ballpark with every book being printed on fine art, museum quality paper and beautiful, vivid archival inks.  I mean seriously, they are so confident in their quality that they aren't even afraid of a little water (please don't try this at home☺):

Special thanks to Kyle and Priscilla for welcoming us into where all of the VisionArt magic happens!


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