Friday, October 21, 2011

Bahy & Imrie Engaged! | Cheltenham Badlands Engagement Photography

A brisk, Autumn afternoon was the stage for Bahy & Imrie's beautiful Engagement Session.  Wanting something "different" to commemorate their special union, we took them out to the Cheltenham Badlands.  After we had some fun sliding around on the clay dunes, we continued the session in a near by wooded area and by a big, rustic barn.

The highlight of this Engagement Session for me was what we found when we slid the barn doors open.  Among the piles of old junk, under some dusty drop-cloths hid an antique piano.  Priceless, as Bahy & Imrie both are very gifted musicians and both play the piano fluently.  The images that we were able to capture of the love between Bahy & Imrie were stunning and I think that both of them will agree: unique

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