Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Josh & Sam - Married! Indian Wells Golf Club, Burlington Wedding Photography

It was a delight and honour to be part of Josh & Samantha's special day this past Saturday.  I honestly had a hard time holding my camera still because I was laughing so much throughout the entire day! 

Dark rain clouds rolled in first thing in the morning as we were getting shots of the girls getting ready at the salon, but they were no match for the celebration that surrounded this beautiful couple!  It was a joy to see friends and family loved-on Josh & Sam.  They celebrated all that God had done, was doing and was going to do with this amazing couple!  Without a doubt Josh & Sam....you are loved!  ☺

 One thing that struck me throughout the day was how many beautiful, Christ-centred examples of Godly marriages surrounded Josh & Sam.  Not only in both sets of parents but literally as I looked around the reception room I saw couple after couple who openly love each other and Jesus.  Something that I know Josh & Sam will treasure for years to come.


  1. Beautiful,
    I just love your photography skills! Well done, I am a friend of Abbie and Justin's and that is how I found out about you. :)

  2. I love the zany pics...such a great idea with such a cool family!! They look so beautiful, you guys did a great job!!


  3. Absolutely Stunning! Beautiful moments captured!

  4. Great pictures - I am a proud dad.

  5. Love the one with the married folks. What a beautiful way to capture the legacy!