Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Damon & Naomi - Wedding on the Waterfront

When I think back on Damon & Naomi's wedding day I have to smile about all of the "uniqueness" that it held.  Each of these unique elements added to the specialness of their union and made it a joy for us to document through our photography.  Here are just a few  of the many things that made this day what is was:

A sunny Thursday in April...a little glimpse of Spring among the rainy days
                Dads filling special roles...officiating and best-man
Lovely, supportive children...filled with joy
               An intimate ceremony overlooking the waterfront
The gown...well, it was just stunning

Fortelli Salon & Spa  http://www.fortelli.com/
Spencers at the Waterfront http://www.spencers.ca/
flowers by Sweetpea's http://www.sweetpeablooms.ca/


  1. Priceless Moments!! Great pics!!

  2. I like the vintage elements. Great shots!