Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bridal Guide - Timing is Everything!

Timing is Everything!

You have spent the past months planning and dreaming about your day.  The dress is perfect, the flowers are to "die-for" and the man...well he is as flawless as they come ☺  But what about the actual flow of the day?  After working so hard on each piece of the "wedding day puzzle" you want to ensure that they fit together seamlessly.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you work out your Wedding Day Schedule: 
  • Hair & Make-up: Usually it is a good idea to have the bride start hair & make-up about 2 hours before she plans to put on her dress.  It may make for an early morning but it is worth it to look your very best on this once-in-a-lifetime day.  It is a good idea to book a trial-run for hair and make-up about two weeks before the wedding to ensure that your stylist knows exactly what will work best for you on your wedding day.   
  • Lunch:  Most bridal parties are still in prep mode over the lunch-hour.  Pizza, wraps or sandwiches make for a great wedding-day lunch.  They are light and easy to manage...great to eat on the go.  Don't forget to drink water!  You are under more pressure than you are use to, your body needs all of the proper nutrition and hydration it can get. 
  • Travel & Buffer Time: One thing that is a MUST to any wedding day schedule is plugging in actual travel time and what we call "buffer time".  Some areas to think about:  Travelling to and from the salon, travel to and from the formal photograph location, travel to the reception location, etc.,..  Some "buffer times" to consider are the bride and groom leaving the church after the ceremony (at least 15 to 20 min to get through all of the well-wishers) and freshening-up before the reception.
  • Getting to the Church:  It is a great idea to have the parents of the bride escort the bride to the ceremony location.  The transition from getting the bride out of the car and walking her down the aisle is smoother this way...and it makes for priceless photographs!
  • The CeremonyThe average ceremony lasts between 30 to 45 min. depending on what kind of elements that you include into the ceremony.  If you are adding in any special music, it is a good idea to have the bride & groom busy doing something (such as signing the marriage certificate) rather than just standing still in front of all of the guests.  When working on your schedule, don't forget to add "buffer time" directly after the ceremony for lots of hugs from friends & family members.
  • Family Photographs:  It is a great idea to have your family photographs done at the same location as the ceremony, directly following the ceremony.  The night before at the rehearsal dinner be sure to inform all of the family members of a specific meeting place that you would like for them to be at once the ceremony is completed.  Family photographs usually take about 30 mins.
  • Bridal Party:  If you are planning on having your formal bridal party photographs done at a separate location, ensure that you have planned for travel time as well as transportation to and from that location.  Apart from travel time, allow for about 1 hour to get all of the formal bridal party photographs done.  Because these are some of your closet friends, you don't want to feel rushed at this point...enjoy the celebration of the day with them.  The more relaxed your party feels, the better your formals will be!
  • Just the Two of You:  Next to the actual ceremony, this is THE most important time of the day!  We like to complete the bridal party formals and then dismiss all of the party members so that just the bride and groom can be alone together.  Plan on a 1 hour window of time for the two of you to enjoy this special moment together while being photographed.  We have seen the most amazing images come to life over this intimate time and we highly recommend planning this precious time into your day.
  • Receiving Line:  Here is a great way to catch-up on your schedule should your day be running behind.  Many couples choose to bypass the traditional receiving line for a more personal alternative.  As your guest enjoy their dinner, walk around to each table and greet your guest individually.  This gives you a chance to relax and move around while also giving your special guests direct access to you as a couple.
  • Reception:  Time to party!  It is a good idea to schedule speeches as the dinner is being served.  This will allow your guest to fully enjoy the festivities and will eliminate any uncomfortable moments that may happen should your guest have to wait speeches to conclude before they get their dinner. 
  • Cake:  Try to cut your cake early into the reception.  Many of your elderly guests (as well as your photographer!) will appreciate this gesture as a late night may be difficult for them. 
So much to think about!  With a little planning, all of the elements of your day will come together nicely! 

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